Sunday, 15 March 2009

Shout From The Top

Hello, and welcome to the very first post on Hellhound's Transformers blog.

What is it? Well, the clue is in the title. However, the blog will (initially) concentrate on 'Classic' Transformers, by that I mean Transformers Classics released by Hasbro a couple of years ago, the current Transformers Universe line and Takara's Henkei line. I intend to review the majority of Transformers from these lines.

There may be posts on other, random, Transformers & Transformers related stuff. I hope that this blog will be entertaining for me and the reader (yes, you. I only expect one), and I may well comment, in passing, on other stuff. Anything I do post is my opinion, and shouldn't cause offence. If it does, give me a slap.

One last thing, I aim to name each post after a song (not necessarily songs I like either) and the song will probably have no relation to the content of the post what so ever.

To start things off, TFW2005 have posted a translated interview with some of Transformers designers. It makes for an interesting read.

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